PHCC of San Diego
9920 Scripps Lake Drive
San Diego, CA  92131

PHCC is dedicated to
the advancement and
education of the
plumbing and HVACR
industry, for the
health, safety, and
comfort of society and
the protection of the
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The PHCC-SD urges homeowners to understand the need to hire
a certified licensed contractor for all plumbing and leak repairs.

Unlicensed handymen can expose you to a lot of financial risk and/or many
potential legal problems.  Licensed contractors adhere to safe industry
standards and state laws to protect their customers ensuring the highest
quality work.
Visit the Contractors State Licensing Board (
        for more information or to check a contractor’s license.

PHCC Plumbing & HVAC
Training Programs

2015-2016 School Year: August 24, 2015
Plumbing Apprenticeship Program
Year 1: Wednesday Nights
Year 2: Thursday Nights
Year 3: Monday Nights
Year 4: Monday Nights

HVAC Training Program
Tuesday Nights

9920 Scripps Lake Drive, #102
San Diego, CA 92131, 858-693-3855

Click Here for 2015-2016 Training Application
Family Picnic
Sunday, August 9, 2015
Santee Lakes
11:00am - 4:00pm