Information from 1/27/2021-

Statewide Update:

This news was released Monday by the California Governor’s Office. San Diego County Health Officials are working through the details of moving to an “age-based” system for vaccine eligibility from the current Tiered Occupation system.

San Diego County Health and Human Services representative Dr. Wooten mentioned Monday she was not necessarily going to abandon the tier system here. County Supervisor Fletcher also mentioned Monday at a press briefing to “hang tight – things may change”. Which may signal they are trying to figure things out.

Here’s the article in the San Diego Union Tribune:


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Employers must notify County of San Diego Public Health Services about an employee who tests positive with COVID-19 by completing the online COVID-19 Notification Form at:


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New state of California website is also now available:
When registering at this site, don’t let, “It’s not your turn,” confuse you. Continue entering your details by looking for a box under that statement saying, “I want to register when it is my turn.” The entire process only takes a few minutes. Use the Chrome browser for best experience.

For employees who schedules an appointment for a vaccine based on the Tiered System… “At the time of the appointment, the employee must present photo ID/documentation establishing the individual for eligibility requirements. In addition to an employee ID badge, other accepted documents for Phase 1A healthcare worker identification include:

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